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  • Screw Considerations And Screw Slip Solutions

    It is not easy to plan a screw with excellent function that meets the above specifications. In screw planning, the following factors should be considered 1. The characteristics of the material and its several shapes, dimensions and temperatures at the time of addition. The physical properties of ...
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  • Common Information Of Screw

    Common Information Of Screw

    At present, the commonly used screw materials in China are 45 steel, 40Cr, ammoniated steel, 38CrMoAl, high temperature alloy, etc. 1) No. 45 steel is cheap and has good processing function, but its wear resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance are poor. Heat treatment: Quenched and ...
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  • Introduction To The Structure And Use Of The New Screw

    1、 Structure and application of separated screw The structure of the separated screw is characterized by adding a pair of ribs in the melting section, dividing the main screw groove into two parts, forming solid-liquid phase separation during the screw plasticization process, leaving all solid m...
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